Proposition 1 Grant Program Resources

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Resources for Grantees

Training and Workshops for Proposition 1 Applicants and Grantees

Training and workshops will be posted here as they become available.

Tips for Grantees

  1. Notify your grant manager when anything happens, good or bad. We like to share the successes of our projects, and we want to do whatever we can to help you clear any hurdles that may arise.
  2. Ensure that submitted invoices are accurate and correctly formatted, and that they include clear, supporting documentation (i.e., receipts and subcontractor invoices). Expenses must be consistent with what is in the budget.   We track budgets and invoices very closely. Incorrect invoices may lead to delays in reimbursement.
  3. Read and understand the grant agreement and grant guidelines. They are useful reference tools for many questions that arise.
  4. Be patient with us, and try to give us ample time to process your requests. We are a small organization with limited capacity, and it may take us time to resolve your requests.
  5. Send us (electronically) written requests, confirmations, and other pertinent information. We are required to keep a complete grant file that tracks the progress, challenges, and deviations of the project, and contains written records of any changes and updates to the grant. In order for the Conservancy to track the status of the grant as efficiently as possible, please make sure to send us any agreements.

Resources for Project Proponents

This page will be updated as opportunities arise.  If you have any questions, please contact (email link).