CEQA Notices

About CEQA

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) generally requires state and local government agencies to inform decision-makers and the public about the potential environmental impacts of proposed projects, and to reduce those environmental impacts to the extent feasible. The Natural Resources Agency maintains an FAQ page summarizing the CEQA process. For more information about CEQA, visit the California Natural Resources Agency’s CEQA website and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research’s State Clearinghouse website. The State Clearinghouse is the official CEQA document posting site and CEQAnet is the online searchable environmental database.

Current CEQA Notices

Suisun Marsh Habitat Management, Preservation, and Restoration Plan

Bees Lake Habitat Restoration Project

Current CEQA notices will be posted here during the public notice period. For more information on the Delta Conservancy’s role in CEQA, contact Rachel Wigginton at (916) 375-4994 or rachel.wigginton@deltaconservancy.ca.gov. For project-specific CEQA information, refer to the contact listed on each notice.

Conservancy Programs

Activities funded under the Delta Conservancy’s grant programs must be in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including the CEQA. The applicant is solely responsible for project compliance. For most projects, the Conservancy will serve as a responsible agency, unless there is no other public agency responsible for carrying out or approving the project for which the applicant seeks funding, in which case the Conservancy will serve as the lead agency.