In Recognition of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Week 2022

By Campbell Ingram, Executive Officer, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy

Sept. 22, 2022
WEST SACRAMENTO — Senate Concurrent Resolution 119 proclaims the last week of September as Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Week in the State of California.

You can’t overstate the beauty and significance of the Delta. At the confluence of California’s two largest rivers, the Delta is the hub of California’s water supply, an incredible agricultural region, a great recreation and tourism destination, and an incredible ecosystem.

The Delta is such a special place, and we at the Delta Conservancy are proud of our partnerships and efforts to provide balanced ecosystem restoration and economic development in this great region. To date, the Delta Conservancy has funded over 70 locally supported grants that have improved important ecological functions, provided critical economic improvements through improved access for recreation and tourism, improved climate resilience, and supported drought management efforts. We do this work in partnership with the Delta community, our sister agencies, and a host of project partners.

The Delta is special every week, so let’s take this opportunity reflect on and celebrate the uniqueness and importance of the region and remind ourselves that our best chance to preserve it is by working together.

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