Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Grant Program
Proposals Received

The following proposals were received by the Delta Conservancy and are organized by the grant solicitation cycle in which they were received.

Cycle 4 Proposals

  • Mello/Jensen Heirs Sandhill Crane Preserve – Agricultural Natural Resources Trust
  • Blacklock Restoration: Phragmites Control Study – California Department of Water Resources
  • Delta Working Waterways Habitat Restoration Planning – Solano Resource Conservation District
  • Paradise Cut Conservation and Flood Management Plan, Phase 2 – San Joaquin County Resource Conservation District
  • Elk Slough Fish Passage and Flood Improvement Project – Reclamation District 999
  • Lower San Joaquin Riparian Corridor – American Rivers
  • Marsh Creek Channel Restoration Project – American Rivers
  • Phase I San Joaquin River Floodplain Restoration and Floodway Enhancement at Banta-Carbona – Banta Carbona Irrigation District
  • Implementing Resilient Circulation and Drainage Projects in Suisun Marsh Managed Wetlands for Improved Wildlife Habitats and Water Quality – Suisun Resource Conservation District
  • Nutria Eradication Project – Phase Two – California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Oakley Creekside Park Restoration Project – City of Oakley

Cycle 3 Proposals

  • Bay Point Restoration Project – East Bay Regional Park District
  • Restoration Planning at River Garden Farms – American Rivers
  • Marsh Creek Reservoir Habitat and Capacity Restoration – Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
  • Reengaging floodplains to feed Delta food webs: optimizing fish and waterbird habitat with working lands – California Rice Commission
  • Mitchell Trust Farm Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Easement Acquisition – Yolo Habitat Conservancy
  • Mello Conservation Easement – Sacramento Valley Conservancy
  • Knightsen Wetland Restoration and Flood Protection Project – East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy
  • Grizzly Slough Floodplain Restoration Project at the Cosumnes River Preserve – California Department of Water Resources
  • Three Creeks Parkway #2: Request for additional funds to implement an expanded version of a project previously funded by the Delta Conservancy – American Rivers
  • Bees Lakes Habitat Restoration Plan – City of West Sacramento
  • Stone Lakes – Ducks Unlimited
  • Brentwood Reservoir – City of Brentwood
  • Nutria Eradication – California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Cycle 2 Proposals

  • Dutch Slough Revegetation – Reclamation District 2137
  • Mello Farm Conservation Easement, Tyler Island – Sacramento Valley Conservancy
  • Petersen Ranch: Working Waterway Habitat Enhancement Project – Solano Resource Conservation District
  • Restoration of Priority Freshwater Wetlands for Endangered Species at the Cosumnes River Preserve – Sacramento County Regional Parks
  • Investigations of restoration techniques that limit invasion of tidal wetlands – The Regents of the University of California

Cycle 1 Proposals

  • Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Habitat and Drainage Improvement Project – Ducks Unlimited
  • Petersen Ranch Natural Lands Corridor – Solano Land Trust
  • Fish Friendly Farming Certification Program for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta – California Land Stewardship Institute
  • Yolo Bypass Agricultural Crossing Improvements Project – Yolo County
  • Sherman Island Wetland Restoration Project Phase III – Ducks Unlimited
  • Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project – American Rivers
  • Paradise Cut Flood and Conservation Easement Acquisition – San Joaquin County Resource Conservation District
  • San Joaquin River Levee Improvements & Channel Margin Habitat – Reach 6 – Reclamation District No. 1601 – Twitchell Island
  • Paradise Cut Conservation and Flood Management Plan – San Joaquin County Resource Conservation District
  • Habitat Enhancement for Swainson’s Hawk at Elliot Ranch – Environmental Defense Fund
  • Wildlife Corridors for Flood Escape on the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area – Yolo County Resource Conservation District
  • Lower Marsh and Sand Creek Watershed Riparian Restoration Planning – American Rivers
  • Beneficial Use of Harvested Invasive Aquatic Plant Species: BIOFUEL Project – Port of Stockton

If you would like a copy of any of these proposals, please contact (email link).