Nature Based Solutions Funding Awarded Grants

NBS01 – Wetland Mosaic Landscape on Webb Tract

Grantee: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Amount: $20,907,371
County: Contra Costa
Project Type: Planning and Implementation

Metropolitan proposes a two-phase project, planning and implementation, to design and construct up to 3,000 acres of managed, flooded wetlands and up to 1,500 acres of rice fields on Webb Tract. The main objectives of the project are to stop ongoing organic soil subsidence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated through increased carbon sequestration opportunities, develop sustainable agriculture opportunities, investigate sustainable water management practices, and study how managed wetlands may augment the Delta pelagic food web in line with goals of Metropolitan’s Climate Action Plan and the Delta Plan.

NBS02 – Delta Rice Conversion Program

Grantee: The Nature Conservancy
Amount: $4,333,124
County: San Joaquin and Contra Costa
Project Type: Implementation

The Delta Rice Conversion Program will support conversion of at least 3,000 and up to 7,500 acres of current agriculture in the Delta to wildlife-friendly rice for climate and ecosystem benefits. The Nature Conservancy is seeking funds to collaborate with willing landowners to convert their existing agriculture to wildlife-friendly rice.

NBS03 – Land Acquisition on Bethel Island

Grantee: John Muir Land Trust
Amount: $2,197,466
County: Contra Costa
Project Type: Implementation (Acquisition)

The purpose of this project is to acquire a 600-acre property, Hoover Ranch on Bethel Island, for permanent environmental protection and stewardship. Acquisition is the first phase of an anticipated multi-phase project to restore wetlands, riparian forest, and sand dunes on the property. Once constructed, the managed wetlands will reverse subsidence and reduce carbon emissions; protect native and special status species; and enhance quality of life for Bethel Island residents, including severely disadvantaged communities on and near the island, by providing public access to open space.

NBS04 – Wetland Restoration Project on Staten Island

Grantee: The Nature Conservancy
Amount: $6,753,396
County: San Joaquin
Project Type: Implementation

The goal of this project is to implement wetland restoration and carbon farming to create and support vital habitat for birds and other species; reduce greenhouse gas emissions and restore carbon stocks; halt and reverse ground subsidence; provide other co-benefits like improved water quality; and serve as a demonstration project to help scale similar wetland and carbon farming projects across the Delta.