Delta Drought Response Pilot Program
Awarded Grants

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Water Year 2023 Awarded Grants

Grant #Grantee NameAmount AwardedCountyWater Saving AcresProposed Action
DDRPP23-10Nuss Farms, Inc.$29,700San Joaquin99Other
DDRPP23-11Willow Springs Ag LLC$103,555Solano149Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-12Willow Springs Ag LLC$130,660Solano188Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-14Willow Springs Ag LLC$125,100Solano180Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-15Willow Springs Ag LLC$186,955Solano269Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-16Willow Springs Ag LLC$72,280Solano104Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-19Willow Springs Ag LLC$73,670Solano106Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-25Nuss Farms, Inc. $33,000San Joaquin110Other
DDRPP23-26aHubert Denis VanDeMaele $140,400Sacramento208Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-26bHubert Denis VanDeMaele $97,875Sacramento145Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-27Linda Katsuki $181,500Sacramento363Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-29Doug Chan Farms$65,475Sacramento97Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-30Doug Chan Farms$164,700Sacramento244Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-32Doug Chan Farms$166,050Sacramento246Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-34Wallace Chan Farms, Inc. $103,500Sacramento207Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-37Garrett Esperson $65,000Solano130Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-38Garrett Esperson $68,000Solano136Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-39Garrett Esperson $80,000Solano160Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-40Garrett Esperson $71,000Solano142Shift Crop Type
DRRPP23-41Richard Silva $518,400Contra Costa768Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-42Mello Farms, Inc. $174,420Sacramento323Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-43Mello Locke Ranch $89,500Sacramento179Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-45J & L Mello Farm Equipment Company$313,200Sacramento464Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-46Steven Dinelli $141,375Sacramento190Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-47Steven Dinelli $49,000San Joaquin98Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-48Steven Dinelli $154,575San Joaquin229Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-49Wallace Chan Farms, Inc. $63,500Sacramento127Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-50Lund Ranch LLC $675,000San Joaquin1000Other
DDRPP23-51Gardiner Company $62,775Sacramento93Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-52Gardiner Company $87,750Sacramento130Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-54Daniel Yarbrough $69,525Sacramento103Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-55Dutra Hay & Grain $93,960Yolo174Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-57Ernest J Pombo Jr $71,585San Joaquin103Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-60Ernest J Pombo Jr $81,315San Joaquin117Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-65Lemhi Land & Cattle, LLC $845,000Contra Costa1000Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-71Sutter Home Winery, Inc. – Trinchero Family Estates$249,750Yolo370Other
DDRPP23-74Ewing Farms LP $84,790Sacramento122Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-76VKR FARMS LLC $108,500Yolo150Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-77D&L Farms, Inc.$93,825San Joaquin135Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-78Steven Dinelli $83,250San Joaquin111Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-81D&L Farms, Inc. $250,000San Joaquin500Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-84Jackson Land & Cattle, LP$420,475Contra Costa605Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-85Richard J. Carli $391,435Sacramento542Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-87Richard J. Carli $190,695Sacramento360Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-90Ross Rasmussen $303,750Yolo450Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-92Celli Ranches, Inc. $68,925San Joaquin0Bird Benefits Only
DDRPP23-94Meirinho Land & Cattle, LP $202,500San Joaquin300Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-95Raymond Lagorio$23,175San Joaquin0Bird Benefits Only
DDRPP23-96LMT Investments, LLC $357,750San Joaquin530Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-98Zuckerman Family Farms, Inc. $84,000San Joaquin168Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-103Coleman M. Foley, Jr. $455,700Contra Costa620Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-104Louis Biagioni $97,250Sacramento172Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-105Coleman M. Foley, Jr.$183,500San Joaquin367Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-1093D Farms, LLC$100,500San Joaquin201Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-110Wallace Chan Farms, Inc. $68,000Sacramento136Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-113John C. Backer Estate $86,925Sacramento127Deficit Irrigation
DDRPP23-116Zuckerman Family Farms, Inc.$80,700San Joaquin0Bird Benefits Only
DDRPP23-117Victoria Island LP$260,000San Joaquin520Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-118Victoria Island LP $173,055San Joaquin249Forgo a Cash Crop
DDRPP23-120Knob Hill Mines, Inc. dba Hastings Island Land Company$135,500Solano271Shift Crop Type
DDRPP23-122Knob Hill Mines, Inc. dba Hastings Island Land Company $492,075Solano729Deficit Irrigation

Water Year 2022 Awarded Grants

Grant #GranteeAmount AwardedCountyAcresProject Type
DDRPP04Deadhorse LP$167,400Sacramento186Deferred Drainage and Unirrigated Crop Substitution
DDRPP07J.H. Johnson & Sons, Inc.$107,100Sacramento119Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP08/09Joe Sanchez Farms, Inc.$226,800Sacramento252Eliminate Irrigation of Alfalfa, and Rye Grass Hay and Pasture
DDRPP10Mello Locke Ranch$161,244Sacramento179.16Eliminate Irrigation of Alfalfa
DDRPP11Jackson Land & Cattle, LP$292,500Contra Costa325Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP12Ryan Katsuki$274,725Sacramento305.25Forgo Corn Crop and Discontinue Irrigation of Triticale
DDRPP13Aaron Beaver$179,100Sacramento199Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP14Ross Rasmussen$405,000Solano450Discontinue Irrigation of Pasture
DDRPP15Knob Hill Mines, Inc. dba Hastings Island Land Company$337,500Solano375Install Drip Irrigation and Safflower
DDRPP17Jaques Brothers Farming Co.$147,600San Joaquin164Single Mid-summer Irrigation of Mature Alfalfa
DDRPP22Jaques Brothers Farming Co.$180,000San Joaquin200Forgo a Second Carrot Crop; Manage Prior Crop Residue
DDRPP25Hubert Denis VanDeMaele$317,700Sacramento353Eliminate Irrigation in Fields and Optimize for Dryland Barley and Corn
DDRPP26KC Farming LLC$400,500Solano445Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP28Anna Solari$243,000San Joaquin270Severely Limit or Withhold Surface Irrigation; Maintain Ground Cover
DDRPP31Coleman M. Foley, Jr.$405,000San Joaquin450Forgo Corn Planting and Maintain Healthy Soil Cover
DDRPP33Mike Stokes Farming LLC$90,900San Joaquin101Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP34D&L Farms, Inc.$450,000San Joaquin500Reducing Irrigation Using Different Crops
DDRPP35/41Steven Dinelli$343,638Sacramento and San Joaquin381.82Eliminate Irrigation of Grain Corn and Optimize for Dryland Grain Corn Crops
DDRPP37Dennis Katsuki/DK Ag$323,100Sacramento359Forgo Irrigation of 162 Acres of Triticale, and 197 Acres of Barley
DDRPP39Richard Carli$179,190Sacramento199.1Forgo Corn Planting and Maintain Healthy Soil Cover
DDRPP40Zuckerman Family Farms$450,000San Joaquin500Forgo Planting Corn on 500 acres, Plant Non-irrigated Small Grains
(Triticale and Barely)
DDRPP42Doug Chan Farms$432,900Sacramento481Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP44Tyler II TIC$214,200Sacramento238Eliminate Irrigation and Plant Dryland Safflower
DDRPP45Anthony Borba$94,500Sacramento105Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP46Wallace Chan Farms, Inc.$159,300Sacramento177Eliminate Irrigation and Plant Dryland Safflower
DDRPP47John C. Backer$119,700Sacramento133Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP48Vincent Chavier$255,600Sacramento284Forgo Corn Planting and Maintain Healthy Soil Cover
DDRPP49Del Carlo Farms, Inc.$214,200San Joaquin238Forgo Planting Tomatoes, Plant Non-Irrigated Safflower
DDRPP51Louis Biagioni$157,500Sacramento175Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP52Bruce Gornto$180,000Sacramento200Forgo Irrigation of Existing Alfalfa and Plant Wheat
DDRPP57Frank D. Mills$254,700San Joaquin283Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
DDRPP59Dutra Hay & Grain$112,500Yolo125Forgo Irrigation on Existing Alfalfa
DDRPP60Rivercrest Nut Co. LP$90,000San Joaquin100Eliminate Irrigation and Optimize Soil Cover
Map shows the locations of acreage (red) enrolled in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy’s Delta Drought Response Pilot Program within the Legal Delta and Suisun Marsh. Major waterways such as the Suisun Bay, Sacramento River, and San Joaquin River are shown in blue. The Delta Conservancy’s service area is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh in Northern California. This area contains parts of Yolo County, Solano County, Sacramento County, San Joaquin County, Contra Costa County, and Alameda County. The Delta Conservancy has two DDRPP projects in Yolo County, two DDRPP project areas in Solano County, 18 DDRPP project areas in Sacramento County, 13 confirmed DDRPP project areas in San Joaquin County, and one DDRPP project in Contra Costa County.
Map shows the locations of acreage (red) enrolled in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy’s Delta Drought Response Pilot Program for water year 2022 within the Legal Delta and Suisun Marsh. Major waterways such as the Suisun Bay, Sacramento River, and San Joaquin River are shown in blue.