Strategic Plan

The Delta Conservancy’s 2012 Strategic Plan outlines the goals, objectives, and strategies for the next five years. The strategic plan also lists the four funding and planning scenarios under which the Conservancy will likely operate during that time. The strategic plan, developed with extensive public input, informs the management of the Conservancy’s program areas:

The Conservancy also has an Implementation Plan to document the Conservancy’s efforts in carrying out its programs during the current state fiscal year. The Implementation Plan is designed to be updated frequently, with input form the Program and Policy Subcommittee and approval by the Conservancy Board.

The strategic plan builds the foundation for developing activities the Conservancy may put into action in order to carry out the following roles:

Advocate for the Delta. There is a strong need for advocacy and education across all program areas. In some instances, this is also tied to the need to develop more compelling or quantifiable information and research about the benefits the Delta provides to the State and may also involve leading region-wide projects that build regional identity.

Bring additional funds into the Delta. There is a need for additional funding to address regional and local issues. Currently, this means working with exisiting federal and state programs to help them better understand and address Delta issues. It also may require efforts to raise private funds or explore new funding sources for the Conservancy.

Support local collaboration and capacity building. Many parts of the region and many organizations within the Delta may not have the information, technical expertise, or other resources they need to be more effective in addressing local concerns and issues. The Conservancy can help address these needs by providing technical assistance and opportunities for collaboration at the local level.

Lead efforts to address issues at the regional and local levels. The Conservancy can be a neutral convener to bring a variety of interests together to find common ground and in leading the development and implementation of steps to move forward on issues at both the regional and local levels.