Education and Outreach Programs

The Conservancy plays an important role as a distributor of information to Delta communities, agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens seeking to contribute to regional ecosystem restoration and economic enhancement.

Current Projects

  • Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction Program (Delta MERP): The Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction Program (Delta MERP) is a collaborative effort of the California Department of Public Health, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board to reduce mercury exposure from contaminated fish.
  • Delta Watershed Initiative Network: The Delta Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) initiates and coordinates environmental education that address a broad range of environmental topics on preventing pollution, promoting watershed science, teaching how water quality is measured, and about the Delta ecosystem and environmental stewardship.
  • Delta Waterway Cleanup: As part of our education and outreach programs, spring and fall cleanups are planned to bring awareness of good environmental stewardship, best practices in conservation, and water quality.
  • Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship (SLEWS): The Delta Conservancy participates in the Center for Land-Based Learning’s SLEWS program.  Over the course of three to five SLEWS Field Days, and associated in-class lessons, students build their knowledge, skills and personal connection to the land. Each high school class of approximately 30 students is matched with a habitat project where they plant native trees and shrubs, build irrigation systems and participate in ecological field studies. With the help of mentors from universities and professions who have relevant ecological knowledge, students see the effects of their work through multiple visits to their adopted project. These integrated learning experiences combine team-building, science learning, habitat restoration and reflection activities with outdoor exploration.

Past Projects

  • The Conservancy has coordinated with wildlife educational groups to teach youth in the Delta about native wildlife and stewardship.
  • The Conservancy has held environmental education events in conjunction with the Delta Waterway Cleanups, and provided opportunities for citizens to take measurements of water quality using water quality test kits.
  • The Conservancy visited ~100 students in their classrooms to teach watershed science and stewardship, and led fields trips to the Cosumnes River Preserve where students had a hands on opportunity to take measurements of water quality and learn about the Delta ecosystem first-hand.
  • The Conservancy worked with the students of Franklin High School Plastics Club on a trash monitoring project to develop an activity guide and other educational materials.