Education and Outreach Programs

The Conservancy plays an important role as a distributor of information to Delta communities, agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens seeking to contribute to regional ecosystem restoration and economic enhancement.

Current Projects

  • Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction Program (Delta MERP): The Delta Mercury Exposure Reduction Program (Delta MERP) is a collaborative effort of the California Department of Public Health, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board to reduce mercury exposure from contaminated fish.
  • Delta Watershed Initiative Network: The Delta Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) initiates and coordinates environmental education that address a broad range of environmental topics on preventing pollution, promoting watershed science, teaching how water quality is measured, and about the Delta ecosystem and environmental stewardship.
  • Delta Waterway Cleanup: As part of our education and outreach programs, spring and fall cleanups are planned to bring awareness of good environmental stewardship, best practices in conservation, and water quality.
  • Newsletter: The Conservancy produces and distributes a newsletter to keep the Delta community, public agencies, and the general public informed about the Conservancy’s programs and key activities.

Past Projects

  • The Conservancy has coordinated with wildlife educational groups to teach youth in the Delta about native wildlife and stewardship.
  • The Conservancy has held environmental education events in conjunction with the Delta Waterway Cleanups, and provided opportunities for citizens to take measurements of water quality using water quality test kits.
  • The Conservancy visited ~100 students in their classrooms to teach watershed science and stewardship, and led fields trips to the Cosumnes River Preserve where students had a hands on opportunity to take measurements of water quality and learn about the Delta ecosystem first-hand.
  • The Conservancy worked with the students of Franklin High School Plastics Club on a trash monitoring project to develop an activity guide and other educational materials.

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