Delta Branding and Marketing

Through its strategic planning process, the Conservancy heard from residents and businesses about the need for a Delta brand. Observing the successes of nearby Napa Valley, Calistoga, Gilroy, and others’ branding efforts—and building on the Delta Protection Commission’s Economic Sustainability Plan’s findings and the Conservancy public meetings—marketing experts are working collaboratively with the Delta community to help the region define a larger Delta vision and related marketing tools. The Delta branding and marketing project will improve the visibility of the Delta to help the Delta economy and promote the Delta’s agricultural and recreational significance, including boating, fishing, hunting, eco-tourism, wine tours, historic tourism, and others. The development of a Delta brand and subsequent marketing plan provides local businesses and governments with a researched and professionally developed tool for promotion.

The Delta Brand

The Delta Conservancy and Delta Protection Commission are partners in two efforts to assist Delta residents in developing a “Delta brand” for agricultural products and tourism. In winter 2014, the Commission hired a marketing consultant to develop a Delta brand. The consultant met with community members and business owners throughout the Delta to collect ideas and visions for a Delta brand. The consultant designed three different logos, tag lines, and colors, which were taken to the community for review and discussion. From those meetings the consultants developed a final logo approved by the Commission and Conservancy boards.



Marketing the Delta

5-Year Delta Marketing Plan

With assistance from the contractor, the Task Force produced the Delta Tourism Awareness 5-Year Marketing Plan. This plan will guide the Delta Marketing Taskforce and community in its marketing efforts over the next 5-years.

The Marketing Plan is organized around 5 key strategies to improve recreation and tourism in the Delta. These are to:

  • Create a Unified Tourist Perception of the Delta
  • Empower Partnership and Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Bolster Off-Season Visitation Creatively
  • Add Content Marketing & Crowdfunded Content to Current Efforts
  • Improve the Guest Experience and Visitor Services
  • Sharing Environmental Efforts in Engaging Ways

Each of these strategies has suggested actions for the Delta community to take to bolster recreation and tourism to the Delta region and is organized by costs (low to high). The plan also lays out potential promotional campaign, social media, and search engine optimization strategies.

Into the future, the Delta Marketing Task Force will work to achieve the strategies outlined in the plan and has already begun to implement those that are a high priority. Currently the Delta Conservancy is working on a Delta Sign Plan to address signage needs in the Delta.

Visit CA Delta Website

The Task Force, also in conjunction with the contractor, has developed a new recreation and tourism website for the Delta, The website highlights the numerous activities and businesses in the Delta and provides a directory and map to help visitors easily find what they are looking for, whether it be bird watching spots, where to store their boat, or even get a coffee. The website also has an event calendar and stories about Delta life, history, agriculture, and ecology.

The Task Force will be meeting regularly in the future to consider which strategies to pursue collectively and to discuss transition and content for the Delta marketing website.


For more information on the marketing and branding efforts of the Conservancy and the Delta Marketing Task Force, please contract Brandon Chapin at or (916) 375-2091.

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