State Salary and Benefits Information

NOTE: The benefits outlined below apply to Permanent Full-Time employees.


  • Paid monthly.
  • Annual merit salary increases within certain classifications until maximum salary is reached.
  • Direct deposit of payroll to financial institution (must meet enrollment criteria).
  • Hire above minimum rate for exceptional experience.
  • Certain classifications are considered “deep classes” with one or more range change increases.


  • Employees receive 11 paid holidays per year.
  • One Personal Holiday a year is accrued.

Savings Plus Program

  • Offers two Deferred Compensation plans for eligible California State employees:
    • 401(K) Thrift Plan
    • 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Flex Elect

  • Receive cash monthly in lieu of health benefits.
  • Pre-tax Medical Reimbursement Account.
  • Pre-tax Dependent Care Reimbursement.

Group Legal Plan

  • Offers employees a comprehensive plan that covers almost all legal situations.

Health Benefits

  • Select from several different Health plans.
  • State pays a specific premium amount, employee pays remaining balance.
  • Change plans or add eligible family members during open enrollment each year.
  • Special enrollment allowed for addition of new dependents.

Dental Benefits

  • Select from several different Dental Plans.
  • State pays all monthly premiums for pre-paid dental plans.
  • After 24 qualifying pay periods, employees are eligible to enroll in a fee-for-service dental plan. (State pays a specific amount and employee pays remaining balance.)

Vision Plan Benefits

  • Employees and eligible dependents receive an eye exam, lenses and frames once every 12 months.
  • See plan for deductible amounts


  • After six months of qualifying State service, employees will receive 42 hours of vacation.
  • For each additional qualifying month, employees will earn 7 hours of vacation per month.
  • Vacation accruals increase with additional State service months.
  • Vacation can be accumulated to a maximum of 640 hours.

Sick Leave

  • Full-time employees receive 8 hours of sick leave credits monthly. Sick leave credits can be accumulated with no limit.
  • Sick leave credits can be used for personal illness, injury or family sick leave.
  • Unused sick leave credits can be used toward increasing length of service of retirement.

Annual Leave

  • Some bargaining units allow employees to enroll in the Annual Leave Program.
  • Employees can earn 11 hours of annual leave credit for each qualifying month.
  • Annual leave accruals increase with additional State service months.
  • Annual leave can be used to meet employees’ need for sick leave and vacation.
  • Annual leave can be accumulated to a maximum of 640 hours.

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