Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Grant Program

FY18-19 Solicitation Frequently Asked Questions, Updated August 16, 2018

August 16 Update

Q. Does cost share need to be in-hand at the time that the concept proposal is submitted?

A. No. Applicants may describe cost share in the concept proposal. To receive points for cost share contributions, cost share funds must be in-hand at the time of full proposal submission. Cost share commitment letters from cost share contributors must be included with the full application. These letters must note the amount of funding that will be contributed, and whether contributions will be cash or in-kind.

Q. Can applicants use funding from HCPs as cost share?

A. Yes, provided that the project being funded will not be used for mitigation. A letter from the HCP confirming that the project is not being used to meet their mitigation goals is encouraged.

August 13 Update

Q. For implementation projects where the Applicant is not the landowner, does the land tenure agreement need to be recorded against the deed of the property?

A. Yes. The grant guidelines state: “If the grantee owns the land on which the project is being implemented, the grantee must record the grant agreement against the deed of the property. If the grantee does not own the land on which the project will be implemented, a landowner access agreement will be required as a condition of the grant agreement and must be executed and recorded before funds are disbursed. The landowner access agreement must be signed by the grantee and the landowner, and must include a legal description of the land on which the project is being implemented; the Conservancy will approve as to form. A landowner access agreement template can be found on the Conservancy’s Proposition 1 Grant Program web page. Grantees opting not to use the template must submit an alternate agreement that conforms to the terms of the template. Costs associated with the development of the land tenure agreement can be included in the project budget, but cannot be reimbursed until the landowner access agreement is approved as to form by the Conservancy. For lands being acquired with Conservancy funds, the Land Acquisitions section, below, describes land tenure requirements.

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