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Six Takes on Six Years of Drought

Wednesday, October 25, 2016

By Alex Breitler, published October 25, 2016 in The Stockton Record. This story is about the Drought and the Delta Workshop sponsored by the Water Education Foundation and the Delta Conservancy.

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The Delta Conservancy Board Advances 8 Projects Requesting $5.9 Million for Ecosystem Restoration in the Delta

Thursday, 5/26/2016

WEST SACRAMENTO – The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Board has approved, conditionally approved, or reserved funding for 8 projects that advance ecosystem restoration, water quality, and agricultural sustainability in the Delta. These projects have requested approximately $5.9 million in grant funding. This is the first award cycle of the Conservancy’s Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality grant program, and Proposition 1 is the first bond funding that the Conservancy has administered since the agency was enacted in 2010.

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Community Action Plans

Wednesday, 11/11/2015

By C.A. Giacoma, published November 11, 2015, in the River News-Herald and Isleton Journal. This story is about the Delta Protection Commission’s Community Action Plan workshops.

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A New Conversation About Water

Mon, 02/18/2013

by Daniel Weintraub, published February 18, 2013, in the newsletter. This article also appeared in the Orange County Register.

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Delta Conservancy Holds Delta Tourism Workshop

Wed, 02/13/2013

by Jarrod R. Kohls, published February 13, 2013, in the River News-Herald and Isleton Journal. This story is about the Conservancy’s February 8, 2013 tourism workshop.

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