Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the Proposition 1 Grant Program and solicitation process are posted below. You may also view and download the frequently asked questions as a pdf by clicking here. Please check back regularly for updates.

1. If we have further questions, who do we contact?

First, check this frequently asked questions page for the answer to your question. We will update this page as new questions arise. If your question is not answered on this frequently asked questions page, please contact Laura Jensen at or (916) 375-2087.

2. Is it acceptable to submit an application for the same project to more than one agency granting Proposition 1 funds?

Yes. The Conservancy, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the California Department of Water Resources will coordinate to determine the best funding fit for proposed projects. It is possible that a proposal may be funded in part by multiple Proposition 1 granting agencies. However, a project will not be funded in an amount greater than the project cost.

3. What does in-kind funding include?

In-kind funding is defined as “non-monetary donations that are used on the project, including materials and services. These donations shall be eligible as ‘other sources of funds’ when providing budgetary information on grant applications.” This can include “in-kind” time of the project staff.

4. What is the difference between “readiness” and “project assessment” for Category 1 applications?

Readiness refers to the readiness to proceed with the project, as applicable to the type of grant you applying for (Category 1 or Category 2), while project assessment refers to your approach to measuring and reporting on your project’s effectiveness.

5. Do you anticipate funding a few large projects or a larger number of small projects?

The number of large projects versus small projects funded will depend on the nature of the proposed projects that the Conservancy receives during each solicitation period. The Guidelines specify a $2,000,000 maximum request.

6. Can pre-project monitoring be including as eligible costs for Category 1 projects?

Category 1 proposals are for pre-project activities (e.g., planning, permits, etc.) that are necessary for a specific future on-the-ground project that meets the Conservancy Proposition 1 Grant Program criteria. This can include pre-project monitoring. Category 1 proposals may use 100 percent of awarded funds for planning activities, however, these funds would apply to a future Category 2 proposal for the same project and may not exceed 10 percent of the total project funds (Category 1 and Category 2 combined) requested from the Conservancy. Please note that the awarding of a Category 1 grant for a project does not guarantee that a Category 2 grant will be awarded for the same project.

7. Ineligible equipment is listed as an ineligible project. Can equipment costs be listed in a project budget as an eligible cost?

The focus of a project cannot solely be the purchase of equipment. Equipment costs can be eligible if the equipment will be used exclusively for the proposed project.

8. Are Conservancy funds limited to restoration and on-the-ground implementation projects or can studies be funded through this solicitation?

Scientific studies that are a component of a project providing on-the-ground ecosystem restoration, watershed or water quality benefits may be considered an eligible cost. It is the applicant’s responsibility to clearly articulate how the study directly contributes to on-the-ground benefits for implementation of the proposed project. Projects that are solely scientific studies will not be eligible for funding under the Conservancy’s solicitation. However, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has released their Proposition 1 solicitation which encourages scientific studies and assessments that support the Delta Science Program.

9. Is there a date for which matching funds must have been provided by to be considered towards matching funds for the project?

There is no specific date. However, matching funds must support the current project activities and must be directly related to the proposed project.

10. Are letters of support required for concept proposals?

Applicants are encouraged to provide letters of support from local governments, receiving up to 5 points if letters of support are included (and consistency with local efforts and plans are demonstrated). Applicants who do not submit letters of support will receive 0 points but will not be disqualified.

11. Are concept proposals due Monday, September 14th or Tuesday, September 15th?

Concept proposals may be submitted until 5:00 pm on Friday, December 18, 2015.

12. I submitted a concept proposal during the first solicitation period. Do I need to submit another one?

Applicants who have already submitted a concept proposal may elect to resubmit their proposals. If proposals are not resubmitted, the Conservancy will review the original proposals using the new evaluation criteria.

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