Delta Invasive Species Symposium

2019: Remote Sensing Applications for Management

Date: August 29, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

Location: UC Davis Conference Center

Synopsis: Presentations will explore remote sensing tools and applications for invasive species management in the Delta available today and opportunities for the future. The symposium is sponsored by the Delta Interagency Invasive Species Coordination Team (web link), Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program, and UC Davis.

To register, please click here (web link) or for more information about submitting a poster for the symposium, please click here (web link). Click here to view the symposium flyer (PDF link).

2017: Tools and Actions to Meet Current Needs and Prepare for Future Challenges

The 2017 science symposium on Invasive Species was held August 29, 2017 at UC Davis and was co-sponsored by the Delta Interagency Invasive Species Coordination (DIISC) Team, Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Science Program, and UC Davis. 

Presentations explored tools and actions being developed to meet today’s management needs as well as to prepare for future challenges. The seminar also explored our understanding of how habitats can be managed to encourage native and deter invasive species and how social science can be better integrated into invasive species management. 

Click here to view videos of the 2017 Symposium presentations available through UC Davis (web link).

2015: Invasive Aquatic Vegetation

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