Climate Change

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta could undergo many changes due to climate change and sea level rise in the decades ahead. The potential impacts to this region include an increased risk of levee failure, loss of agricultural land and productivity, loss of wetlands, reduced water quality, contamination of groundwater supplies, more water dedicated to meeting water quality standards, biodiversity shifts, increased vulnerability to invasive species, and changes to State Water Project and Central Valley Project operations.

As a primary state agency to implement ecosystem restoration in the Delta, the Conservancy seeks to understand and address potential climate change impacts, and developed a climate change policy to assist in determining what could increase the Delta’s resiliency to the effects of climate change. The Delta Conservancy believes the regional economic and environmental health are linked to the Delta’s vulnerability to potential climate change impacts listed above, and that strengthening the Delta region’s economy will help the Delta adapt to potential future conditions resulting from climate change. The Conservancy identified in its climate change policy a suite of carbon management and adaptation strategies, as well as guidelines on assessing risk from sea-level rise. The Delta Conservancy Climate Change Policy can be found in here.

Climate Change Resources

State of California: Information and resources on climate adaptation

2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy

State of California Sea-Level Rise Guidance Document

California Department of Public Health: Climate Action for Health: Integrating Public Health into Climate Action Planning (PDF)

Department of Water Resources: DWR Climate Change Action Plan, possible impacts to water supply, resources for water planning

Department of Fish and Wildlife: Climate change resources and case studies, vulnerability assessment tools, resources for educators

State Water Resources Control Board: Information about climate change and water resources

Natural Resources Conservation Service: Climate change impacts on agricultural production

National Fish, Wildlife & Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy

Cal-Adapt: Cal-Adapt is a web-based climate adaptation planning tool. Cal-Adapt allows the user to identify potential climate change risks in specific geographic areas throughout the state. Users can either query by location, or click on an interactive map to explore what climate impacts are projected to occur in their area of interest.

California Adaptation Planning Guild: The Adaptation Planning Guide provides a step-by-step process for local and regional governments interested in climate vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategy development.

CalEMA’s MyHazards: Use this website to discover the hazards that exist in your area and learn how to reduce your risk. Remember, the best way to recover from disasters is by reducing the risks before a disaster strikes.

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